Booking rates:

Room Hire price:

Main Hall £14 per hour, £7.00 for locals.

Balcony room £12 per hour, £6.00 for locals.

Attic room £10 per hour & £5.00 per hour for locals.

There is an extra £5 charge for use of kitchen (oven use).

Please give yourself time to set up and clean up. Payments will need to include both set up and clean up times. There is sanitizing spray and hand sanitizer in every room – please refer to Covid Hire Conditions below


Outside hire:

The hot water urn, tables and chairs available for hire out of Hall.

Fold up tables: 

£2.00 per large table (76cm x 182cm) – 15 available

£1.00 per small table (60cm x 120cm) – 9 available

Hot water urn – £5


Blue fold-up plastic chairs – 50p per chair – 40 available

Red upholstered – £1.00 per chair – 40 available

£50 deposit for hire (if available)



For bookings, contact Lauren Fitzpatrick on 07415 156432 or email


There should be 1 week’s notice on any cancellations of your bookings; if we don’t get this you will still be charged for the hire.